How to Choose a Vegan Soap Brand

People often ask how to choose the right vegan bar soap. This can be slightly difficult considering all of the brands that are out there, and many which are amazing and hard to choose from. A good start would be to find ones that aren't tested on animals. We do know that Costa Californica carefully formulates their soap's PH to most everyones skin, and test their products on themselves to ensure a great lathering experience, leaving your skin hydrated and soft.

The right bar of soap has to resonate with the end user for various reasons that can vary from person to person. Some people look for soaps that align with their dietary or environmental beliefs, while others are attracted to scents and exfoliating properties.

Choosing the right soaps should never be a result of lack of budget or the latter. One should feel confident and excited about their bar soap. Taking care and wellness should always take precedence when making these types of decisions. Support your local business a…

Which Type of Soap is Safer During a Pandemic? Bar Soap or Liquid Soap?

How does simple soap and water work when combating COVID-19? The soap kills and destroys the fatty membrane that encases the virus, making it fall apart and rendered useless. For this reason, health officials say that hand washing for 20 seconds is one of the best defenses against Corona Virus. The recent debate is whether a bar soap, which can be shared with a number of people in a single household, is safe and effective as a liquid soap?

According to WebMD studies show that the bacteria doesn't seem to transfer to the next user of the bar, and that when rinsed under water, all is removed. However, scientists warn that the plastic pumps that dispenses liquid soap from a bottle can increase risk of transmission. Flip caps right reduce this issue.

A recent article published in the Huffington Post, notes that Darien Sutton, an emergency physician in New York, told HuffPost that he recommends everyone in a household use their own bar, especially if they’ve been infected or are symptom…

Do Vegan Soap Brands Eliminate COVID-19

Often people wonder if natural products are effective, and whether or not they need an arsenal of antibacterial claims and Clorox to do the job. We have heard people talk about going nuclear when it comes to combating germs. We encourage people to try the vegan bar soap brands in order to put the question to the test.

When people buy soaps and body washes, they reach for products labeled “antibacterial,” hoping that they’ll keep their family safer. [1] However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), state on their website that there isn’t enough science proving over-the-counter antibacterial soaps are better at preventing illness than washing with plain soap and water. Also stating that currently, the benefits of using antibacterial hand soap haven’t been proven at all, adding that the wide use of these products over a long periods of time, raise the question of potential negative effects on your health, resulting from the common antibacterial ingredient known as triclosan.

There …

How Soap Milling Works

Recently consumers are asking what the difference is between a handmade artisanal style soap compared to a milled vegan bar soap. The reality is that even milled soaps can be considered handmade to some extend depending upon the carbon footprint of the factory, and whether human hands truly play a majority role including energy to run operations.

The French have coined the term "triple milling," which refers to producing an affordable luxurious natural soap bar. This process passes the soap ingredients through a series of heavy duty stainless rollers and meshes to turn the soap into a fine paste before it is made into soap bars. The roller sets have very tight tolerances and the extruder uses fine mesh perforated fittings to operate and refine the soap, that eventual gets squeezed several times in order to fully mix and blend all the ingredients. The final fitting is usually the outer dimension of the perspective bar.

Milled soap bars produced using this process are much smoot…

How Are Natural & Vegan Bar Soaps Made

Vegan bar soaps made with natural ingredients all have to start from a fat base or  triglyceride (fat or oil). The triglycerides react with a sodium or potassium hydroxide to produce glycerol and fatty acid salts. Soap is produced by this process which is referred to as saponification or hydrolysis of the two ingredients. Since the sodium hydroxide is mixed in distilled or ionized water, it carries the caustic aspect out of the soap by means of dissipation.  The mere synthesis begins to remove the caustic aspect of the mix from the equation. However, the process whether process with heat or in a cold environment will need to cure. So whether the soap is made from organic oil, "natural oil" or animal fat, it needs to go through this process before it can be used safely. By testing the PH of the soap, one can tell whether it is truly ready for the body, and at this point the moisture that contains the caustic element has evaporated completely.

There is a  debate on whether or n…

Does a Quadruple Milled Vegan Bar Soap Brand Matter

Soap milling is to thoroughly mix the soap and any fragrances or extra ingredients added to the soap base, while pushing out any extra moisture or air in the mix. This can be done carefully more than 3 times. Quadruple milled bar soaps contain less water and more actual soap, therefore, creating a longer lasting harder soap. Lessening the chances of finding a messy blob where you last left it. This doesn't happen with quadruple milled vegan bar soap!

This type of manufacturing uses a special process that actually refines the soap four times. This refining provides an admirably luxurious feel when you rub the soap against the skin. You may find single-milled, double-milled, and even triple-milled soaps, but quad-milled soap bars are the utmost in opulence and can now be purchased here in the made in the USA. Before these soaps were common Europe.