What is the Difference Found in Vegan Soap Bars

The latest trend is vegan bar soap. Many people often ask what the difference is. It comes down to a simple ingredient found in many conventional soaps called Sodium Tallowate which is soap made by combining the fatty tissue (or tallow) of animals, such as cattle and sheep, with sodium hydroxide. For some people the idea of rubbing animal fat on their body isn't always appealing. While some vegan soap base can at times contain butter milk from goats for the soothing qualities to the skin. This does not mean the bars are made with animal fats. This kind of soap making sprung out of necessity and resources. For example: settler and pioneers arriving to the new world were known to use lard. The oldest Mesopotamian soaps were plant based and made with olive oil and laurel oil.

When people think of vegan bar soaps, they imagine the hand crafted artisanal soaps that are amazing to use and look at. This is not always the case anymore as soap artisans like Costa Californica have gone on th…

Why Be Concerned About Cruelty Free & Vegan Soap

These days consumers are conscious and concerned about whether their bar soap brands contain animal products. It is not uncommon to find out later that product contains animal byproducts or were used for testing. If the label on your soap or other body care product doesn’t say vegan, it likely contains animal ingredients.

Companies can use theoretical models or plant-based cellular technology rather than testing on furry critters like; mice, rabbits, rats, dogs and cats. In this case, the product is applied directly on an animal’s skin for many days in a row. Then the animal is euthanized and dissected to determine if its organs were damaged. Sounds like a miserable way to live and die.

Vegan bar soaps do not contain any animal fats when going through saponification. On occasion by popular demand, goat or fresh butter milk is added to superfat the soap content for skin softening. This doesn't mean it was tested on animals nor is it made up of such. However, this type of bar can be …

What is Cruelty Free Vegan Bar Soap

When not paying attention to ingredients, many bar soaps contain animal fat derivatives, that most people aren't aware of. This byproduct of the meat industry is inexpensive and widely-used in soap. Animal fat derivatives include tallow, sodium tallowate, stearic acid and lard, to name just a few. Therefore, unless a soap is labeled as vegetable or plant based, it is most likely made from animal fats.

This doesn't mean you should stop enjoying hamburgers and lamb chops, it only signifies the difference. The cumulative effects of animal fat (hormones) on the skin could have negative effects on the body.  Human skin has the ability to absorb external hydrocarbons, which are the lipids of pig fat from sodium tallowate, and according to modern data, the absorption process takes up to 28 seconds.

Some of the recorded data on soap was in approximately 2800 BC in ancient Babylon,  which consisted of all plant-based products. This important invention in human history helped clean out c…