Which Type of Soap is Safer During a Pandemic? Bar Soap or Liquid Soap?

How does simple soap and water work when combating COVID-19? The soap kills and destroys the fatty membrane that encases the virus, making it fall apart and rendered useless. For this reason, health officials say that hand washing for 20 seconds is one of the best defenses against Corona Virus. The recent debate is whether a bar soap, which can be shared with a number of people in a single household, is safe and effective as a liquid soap?

According to WebMD studies show that the bacteria doesn't seem to transfer to the next user of the bar, and that when rinsed under water, all is removed. However, scientists warn that the plastic pumps that dispenses liquid soap from a bottle can increase risk of transmission. Flip caps right reduce this issue.

A recent article published in the Huffington Post, notes that Darien Sutton, an emergency physician in New York, told HuffPost that he recommends everyone in a household use their own bar, especially if they’ve been infected or are symptomatic. They also mention that bar soaps should not be stored in a closed containers that can breed bacteria, especially in the bathroom which is a hotbed for germs. Soap trays that allow air to pass under and around the bar are recommended in addition to soap saver sleeves that hang dry.


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